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Freightliner Cascadia

The Freightliner Cascadia is the undisputed leader in class 8 trucks. Available in day cab, mid-roof, and raised roof configurations, Cascadia is the gold standard for fuel-efficiency, safety, and driver comfort.

About the Freightliner Cascadia

Whether your fleet is large or small, fuel efficiency has an enormous impact on your real cost of ownership. With the Cascadia, every angle of efficiency has been considered. From the powertrain to the exterior aerodynamics to the weight-saving materials and even down to the mirrors, Freightliner has produced a truck that has no equal in fuel savings.

The smart exterior design of the Cascadia equates to real money on your balance sheet. 24-inch side extenders, full chassis fairings with 4-inch ground clearance, as well as an aerodynamically designed door and hood-mounted mirrors all combine to reduce drag on the vehicle in a way that adds up over the life of the truck.

The integrated Detroit Powertrain standard in the Cascadia is the most fuel-efficient combination of components available on the market today. The DD15 and DD13 engines are the most fuel-efficient engines ever designed. Pair that with a DT12 transmission and cutting-edge technology that allows these components to communicate for optimal shifting, and you get a powertrain system with unmatched dependability.

With the Freightliner Cascadia safety comes first, second, and third. Using cutting edge camera and radar technology, the Detroit Assurance collision mitigation systems make significant advances in class 8 truck safety.

  • Brake Assist: alert systems calculate the speed and distance to moving and stationary objects and will engage brakes if needed. This means drivers will be alerted to pedestrians as well as moving or parked cars should there be potential for collision.
  • Tailgate warning: audible and visible alerts when the truck’s following distance is too short.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: automatically adjusts cruise control speed to maintain safe following distance to other vehicles.
  • Lane Departure Warning: alerts the driver if the truck drifts over lane markings.
  • Intelligent High Beam: seamlessly switches between high and low beams as needed by sensing light from surroundings or other vehicles.
  • Optional safety features include Active Lane Assist, Side Guard Assist, Video Capture, Driver-Facing Camera.
  • Electronic Stability Control: system can indicate a loss of control and automatically slow individual wheels as necessary.

When home, office, and vehicle are all the same thing, driver comfort is essential. The Freightliner Cascadia was designed with drivers top of mind. The sleeper and work space is spacious and inviting, the cab is well-insulated for a quieter drive, and the wrap-around dash keeps all controls and gauges within easy reach.


Day Cab

Mid-Roof Sleeper

Raised Roof Sleeper


Class: 8

Horsepower: 350-615 HP

Torque: Up to 2215 lb-ft

Day Cab

  • 116" BBC
  • 126" BBC


Sleeper Cab Mid-Roof XT

  • 116" / 126" BBC 48"
  • 116" / 126" BBC 60"
  • 116" / 126" BBC 72"


Sleeper Cab Raised Roof

  • 116" / 126" BBC 60"
  • 116" / 126" BBC 72"

Ultra Lightweight Package

  • Lightweight hood
  • Aluminum components
  • Battery Configuration



  • Wide-base single drive


Horizontal exhaust

Hendrickson Optimaax


  • Eaton Fuller® Advantage
    • 9 speed
    • 10 speed
    • 13 speed
    • 18 speed


Automated Manual

  • Eaton Cummins Endurant™ 12 speed



  • Allison® 3000, 3414, 4000 and 4500 series
  • A-pillar deflector
  • Tow hook covers
  • Optimally sloped hood and grille
  • Bumper with integrated air deflector
  • Aerodynamic Mirrors
  • Upper door seal
  • Integrated Antennas
  • Detroit DD15 engine
  • Detroit DT12 On-Highway Series Automated Manual Transmissions
  • Intelligent Powertrain Management
  • Large, comfortable seats
  • Powerful HVAC system with six dash-mounted vents, eight blower speeds and 20 percent greater airflow
  • High-tech thermal and noise insulation
  • Overhead storage console
  • Cab insulation and prestressed walls
  • Adjustable tilt-telescoping steering column
  • Wrap-around dash
  • Low-mounted dash and sloped hood
  • Steering wheel mounted controls
  • Large rear windows — 56" x 22" combined viewable area in a day cab application
  • Robust pedestal mirror design with power mirror adjustment
  • Up to 50-degree wheel cut
  • EPA 2010-compliant SCR technology along with 2016 On-board Diagnostics
  • Standard LED headlights
  • Rugged three-piece bumper
  • Detachable rain tray and quick rear engine access
  • Hydraulic strut-assisted hood
  • Roped-in one piece windshield and side glass
  • Power Distribution Center fuses and circuit breakers grouped in a single location
  • Detroit Connect® five-year service subscription, which includes Virtual Technician, Remote Updates and access to the Detroit Connect portal
  • Instrument cluster with 5” LCD screen
  • Enhanced Stability Control
  • A&B pillar grab handles
  • Air disc brakes
  • Detroit Assurance® Safety Suite
  • Heated side mirrors
  • New Midnight black base level interior
  • Drive Wheel Covers


Detroit Suite of Safety Systems

  • Active Brake Assist (ABA 5.0)
    • Full braking on moving pedestrian
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) to 0 MPH
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Automatic wipers/headlamps
  • Intelligent High Beam
  • Traffic Sign Display
  • Aero Package
  • Detroit Integrated Powertrain
  • Elite exterior appearance package
  • Elite cockpit interior package
  • Battery Powered HVAC System
  • Hendrickson AIRTEK front suspension
  • Wabco and Bendix™ air disc brakes for steer and drive axles
  • Wide-base single wheel and tire options
  • Heated and ventilated seats
  • Qualcomm pre-wire packages
  • PeopleNet pre-wire packages
  • LifeGuard RollTek® driver and passenger rollover restraint and seat mounted airbag system
  • Driver’s Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) steering wheel airbag
  • Factory installed TriPac™ Auxiliary Power Unit powered by Thermo King
  • Bluetooth radios
  • Heated hood mounted mirrors
  • Wabco ECAS
  • 14.5” Hendrickson Aero Clad Aluminum Bumper
  • 12” or 24” side extenders with side extender seals
  • Optimized roof fairing deflector
  • Front wheel well closeouts
  • Optimized drive wheel fairings
  • Enhanced chassis fairing skirts
  • Aerodynamic Height Control
  • Digital Dash Display
  • TufGlass - Impact Resistant Windshield
  • Severe Duty Harness
  • Occupant Safety Panic Button


Elite Lounge Package

  • Murphy bed
  • Dinette table
  • Two seats with seatbelts
  • Flat screen TV mount
  • 1,500 watt inverter or inverter pre-wire


Detroit Suite of Safety Systems

  • Driver facing camera
  • Side Guard Assist
  • Active Lane Assist which includes Lane Departure Protection and Lane Keep Assist