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Frequently Asked Questions

Finance FAQ

Financing is not based solely on credit score. Generally a lender will look at a combination of factors including your credit score, length of time you have been in business, comparable debt, and any previous truck financing. 

It depends on whether you are a first-time purchaser or not. We will negotiate the best interest rates and down payment for you with the lender.

Yes, you can! We always recommend that you get a warranty because it helps stabilize your business and sets you up for success. You can wrap the warranty purchase into your loan.

When you use Daimler Truck Financial as your lender, you can include physical damage, non-trucking liability (bobtail), and gap insurance in contract. This is an especially good deal for owner operators. Daimler Truck Financial is an option for used trucks, even if your truck is not a Daimler vehicle.

Our major lenders include, but are not limited to, Daimler Truck Financial, Volvo Finance, BMO, and Ally Financial.

Leasing FAQs

At this time we require that your business has been in operation for 5 or more years. If you are leasing or renting equipment above 26,000 GVW, you must have your own DOT number. Your company’s insurance combined single limit must be at least $1 million.

Comprehensive maintenance, roadside assistance, tires, permitting, and replacement vehicles. Supplemental rental vehicles are available, but not included in your lease.

The price varies depending on the equipment leased, application, and the length of the lease. All leases and rentals have a fixed rate and a mileage fee.

We will work with you to meet your specific needs, but generally speaking we rent trucks for 1 day – 1 year, and we lease trucks for multi-year terms.

We rent and lease box trucks, refrigerated box trucks, day cab tractors, and sleeper tractors. We do not lease trailers.

No. All leases through Tom Nehl are operating leases.