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Get Ready for CVSA Roadcheck

Roadcheck is the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual 72-hour focused inspections that can lead to an out-of-service violation if you do not pass inspection. At Tom Nehl, we know you don’t have time to be sidelined by a violation. So we sat down with our Jax South shop foreman, Tim, to get the scoop on what you can check on your truck right now to make sure you avoid that costly downtime, while also making sure your truck is safe for you and others on the road.

Check further than fluids
We all know to check our coolant and check our oil on our initial inspections. Now, take a few extra minutes and check out safety components like steering to make sure there’s no excessive free play. Check your air lines to make sure there’s no audible air leaks noticeable. A few extra minutes on the truck now can save you downtime later.

Hitting the brakes
The number one violation during Roadcheck every year is brakes and braking systems. Plus, ABS is a focus for this year’s inspection. You always want to take a little extra time to check your braking system and brake components. We recommend you get out a flashlight and really take a good look at your brakes regularly anyway, but in advance of Roadcheck, it’s a good excuse to do a good visual inspection. Number one is checking the shoes to drum making sure you still have good shoes, and checking the components that apply the brakes, making sure there’s no loose components or lines to cause issues.

Trailer and suspension
In addition to the braking on the truck, you also want to check that the braking for your trailer is safe and secure. Always checking your gladhands, your seals, your safety and also checking your trailer lights for the ABS and connections and make sure you have no issues with your trailers. This is also a good opportunity to take extra time to look at your suspension components like your torque arms, your leaf springs, your U bolts, and driveline for anything loose that could cause a safety issue.

As always, if you have any questions at all about something you find on your own inspection, or if there’s something you’re not familiar with, please come by Tom Nehl and we will help you out in any way we can. We’re always here to help.