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Western Star 57X

A premium sleeper available in 60” and 72” configurations, the Western Star 57X takes driver comfort and safety to the next level.

About the Western Star 57X

Your home away from home, the Western Star 57X is so comfortable it actually feels like home. The cab, the dash, even the digital display all put the driver first. You won’t find a more driver-focused truck out there. Optional driver’s lounge amenities include a flat-screen TV, refrigerator, dinette, and a full-size Murphy bed. The digital dash is easy to read and is customizable for driver preferences.

The Western Star 57X comes with the state-of-the art Detroit Assurance safety systems, taking safety technology to a whole new level of excellence. Detroit Assurance includes Active Brake Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Brake Hold Mode, Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Protection, and Side Guard Assist. The road can serve up surprises and unknowns around every bend, but the Detroit Assurance suite of features uses cutting edge technology to mitigate potential dangers.

The entire Western Star series of trucks was engineered from the ground up to balance toughness and efficiency. The aerodynamics of the 57X was rigorously tested to deliver fuel efficiency that directly impacts your bottom line.


Day Cab

Mid-Roof Sleeper

Raised Roof Sleeper


  1. BBC: 128.5"
  2. WB: Up to 361"
  3. BA: 54.5"
  • 12" daycab and 24" sleeper side extenders with black flexible ends
  • 72" and 60" mid-roof aero roof fairing
  • Daycab aero roof fairing or adjustable aerodynamic deflector
  • Chassis side fairings with black flexible skirts
  • Optimized drive wheel fairings
  • Flow below mold-in color wheel covers
  • Detroit® DD13® Gen 5, 370-525 HP, 1250-1850 lb-ft
  • Detroit® DD15® Gen 5, 425-505 HP, 1550-1850 lb-ft
  • Detroit® DD16® 500-600 HP, 1850-2050 lb-ft
  • Detroit® DT12® On-Highway Series
  • Eaton Fuller Manual 10-speed or 18-speed
  • 7.0MM X 88.0MM X 279.0MM STEEL FRAME (0.28"X3.46"X10.98") 120 KSI
  • 8.0MM X 88.0MM X 281.0MM STEEL FRAME (0.31"X3.46"X11.06") 120 KSI
  • 11.0MM X 85.0MM X 287.0MM STEEL FRAME (0.43X3.35X11.30 INCH) 120 KSI
  • Intuitive and simple to use PTO control system that makes programming easy
  • Optional Factory installed transmission PTO’s available


  • Detroit® 12,000-14,700 lbs
  • Meritor 12,000-13,300 lbs
  • Hendrickson STEERTEK NXT 12,000-13,300 lbs



  • Detroit® single 21,000-23,000 lbs
  • Detroit® tandem 40,000-46,000 lbs
  • Meritor single 21,000-23,000 lbs
  • Meritor tandem 40,000-46,000 lbs
  • Dana tandem 46,000 lbs


  • Taperleaf 12,500-14,600 lbs
  • AirLiner® 12,500-13,300 lbs
  • Hendrickson AIRTEK 12,500-13,300 lbs



  • AirLiner® single 21,000-23,000 lbs
  • AirLiner® tandem 40,000- 46,000 lbs
  • Drum Brakes
  • Air Disc Brakes
  • WABCO® Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and optional Hill Start Aid and Traction Control


  • Aluminum 25" cylindrical, plain or polished
  • LH/RH  60-150 gallon (227-568 liter)
  • LH and RH split fuel/hydraulic tank options available



  • 13- and 23-gallon (49- and 87-liter)