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Light Duty Trucks For Sale

Light Duty Trucks for SaleMost trucks that are used by your ordinary Joe is classified as a “light duty truck.” A light duty truck can be divided into three different classes; class one, class two, and class three. Medium duty trucks contain classes four, five and six, and heavy duty trucks include classes seven and eight. Light duty trucks are utilized for many everyday activities and are very useful.

Light Duty Truck’s Weight

Class one light duty trucks can weigh between 0 to 6,000 pounds and include the vehicles Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, and Dodge Dakota. Class two light duty trucks can weigh between 6,001 to 10,000 pounds and include the vehicles Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the Ford F-150, and the Dodge Ram 1500. The second class of light duty trucks can be subdivided into class 2a and 2b. Class 2a weighs between 6,001 to 8,500 pounds and class 2b weighs between 8,501 to 10,000 pounds. Class three light duty trucks can weigh between 10,001 to 14,000 pounds and include the vehicles Ford F-350, GMC Sierra 3500, Ford E-350, and the Dodge Ram 3500.

Sprinter Vans

The Mercedes Sprinter van is one of the most popular light duty vans available and vans for sale on the market. In general, these vans are used for multiple purposes in the service industry from garage door technicians to carpet cleaners. These vans are very customizable and can be sold as custom vans, to be used specifically for whatever service industry you may choose to use it for. Finding a sprinter van for sale is not easy, and the van should only be purchased from a trusted dealer like Tom Nehl Truck Company.

Other Uses of Light Duty Trucks

Most people that purchase light duty trucks usually use their trucks for light or personal, commercial truck needs or towing small items. These trucks can be used to haul things such as construction equipment, building supplies, or small furniture. These trucks are also ideal for usage in towns and suburban areas because they are easier to park than heavier trucks and a lot much easier to drive on narrow roads.

Is a Light Duty Truck or Mercedes Van Right For You?

A light duty truck can be used by most buyers. You can use these trucks for your everyday commutes, and if you may ever need to haul anything, you have that option as well. In today’s market, people want to combine their light duty truck needs with their luxury car needs. There are many options out there today for these people looking for the combination of both. Mercedes Vans are a different story and are not typically used for your everyday usage. As stated above, a Mercedes Sprinter van should be used for multiple service industries for commercial use, they are not an ideal vehicle for your daily commutes.

Tom Nehl Truck Company

For all of your light duty truck needs, do not hesitate to call Tom Nehl Truck Company. We offer all sorts of trucks and the Mercedes Sprinter van, one of the best and cheap vans on the market. For all of your trucking needs, call Tom Nehl Truck Company.


New & Used Light Duty Trucks for Sale


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